Dedicated and Highly Skilled ACT and SAT Tutors

About Us


Mr. K Glenn

With his expertise and dedication to high-quality instruction, Mr. Glenn is a great help for your ACT preparation. He comes from a family of educators and has an insatiable passion for student success.

  • 10+ years of ACT test preparation 
  • 10 years as an experienced educator and one-on-one tutor * 
  • BS in Computer Science from Tennessee State University
    • Summa Cum Laude
    • National Golden Key Honor Society
    • Academic All-American
    • Edward S. Temple Scholar-Athlete
    • University Honors Program
  • Teacher Certification from National Teachers and Educators College (NTEC via Rockford College) 

Mr P Austin

Mr Austin has tutored students in all subjects of the ACT and SAT. He brings a wealth of knowledge and tutoring skill to his sessions. His calm and patient approach works really well for his students. His specialty is math as he also helps students with their school related math.

  • M.S. Mathematics from Chicago State University
  • Summa Cum Laude (4.0/4.0) 
  • Tutor/Educator 10+ years in middle school, high school, and college math. 
  • Nationally certified tutor/trainer

Ms. E McClendon

As an educator for the Chicago public schools, Ms. McClendon specializes in offering strategies and techniques for all types of learners. She has developed curricula and instructions for a wide range of learners, from special education students to accelerated learners, in a variety of settings, from large classrooms to one-on-one sessions.

She seeks to make sure that students receive personalized instruction and care regardless of classroom setting and background.

  • Graduate of Chicago State University Business Administration
  • Experienced educator in Chicago public schools
  • Experienced in adult education as well as students with special needs
  • Skilled in one-on-one tutoring
  • Created and taught distant learning classes

Ms. C Miller

Ms. Miller is one of our all-subject experts who taught our ACT and SAT classes and now receives referrals for her own 1-on-1 private practice. Ms. Miller brings a passionate and engaging energy to her instruction, utilizing her public speaking background. She is also a published writer.

  • BA from Sarah Lawrence College
  • MA from Indiana University
  • Multiple years teaching and tutoring GED, TABE, ACT, and SAT.

Mrs. E Booker

Mrs. Booker brings a wealth of experience to ACT instruction. She has tutored many students and has held several tutoring positions. Mrs. Booker brings a very thorough, organized yet tough, and demanding approach to ACT instruction. In addition, she has high expectations of her students and demands their very best to get them to perform their best.

  • BA in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • MS in Chemistry from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • ACT/SAT/Subject tutor 4+ years

Mr. E Kernerman

Mr. Kernerman teaches all subjects of the ACT, and we refer our in-home tutoring students to him. He has a thorough knowledge of tutoring, and he is great at adapting his teaching speed to the level of his students. Mr. Kernerman is also very detailed with his explanations.

  • BA in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • MS in Chemistry from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • ACT/SAT/Subject tutor 4+ years

Mr. B Elwood

Mr. Elwood tutors the ACT in a 1-on-1 setting. He is a charter school teacher who lends his valuable teaching expertise and knowledge to our ACT Prep students. He brings a calm, positive approach to challenging and encouraging our students to improve their ACT scores.

  • BA in Physics from Texas Tech University
  •  ACT tutor/teacher for 2+ years
  • Physics teacher

Mr. J Turner

Mr. Turner teaches the math section of the SAT. He is a certified educator who taught in the classroom as well as private instruction. He brings a very patient, warm presence to student learning as he builds confidence while also building skills.

  • BS in Education from University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
  • Masters Degree in Education 

Mr H Gong

Mr Gong works with our advanced SAT math students. He also helps some students with math from their school work.

  • BS in Math from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
  • MS in Math from University of Chicago