I came into ACT Prep Chicago seeking to get the support that I needed so  that I can pass the ACT, and complete the education program with my  university. As an adult learner, I thought I could do it alone, but I  was completely wrong. I went into the test ill prepared and left  out frustrated. I was determined not to end up with the same result. I  learned how to approach this test and I  treated  my tutoring sessions  as a class. I completed the homework, took practice exams from previous  ACT tests, and worked on other supplementary materials provided by Mr.  Glenn and ACT Prep Chicago. After a lot of hard work, and mastery of  skills such as recognition of time, memorizing grammar rules, I achieved  the result that I needed to complete my degree in special education. As  a non-traditional student, it was difficult at first to revisit topics  that I learned in high school, but Mr.Glenn taught me how to prepare for  the test. He helped to raise my scores in Reading by 7 points, in  Science by 3 points, and in Math by 2 points. My greatest gain was in  English where I went up 9 points! Thank you Mr. Glenn for helping me  to finally achieve the score I needed to complete my program your  assistance and support was immeasurable.  I would tell anyone looking to  raise their score on the ACT to seek out tutoring from an expert like  Mr. Glenn and ACT Prep Chicago.

Esther Love

"I liked how persistent Mrs Booker was when it came to homework and  focusing on certain areas of improvement.  A strategy she taught me that  helped me was to read half of the reading passages at a time.  It  helped raise my score 5 points.  Before this, I didn't take any ACT  classes." 

Daniel Jones

"My daughter scored well on several practice ACT Exams, but we wanted to  get her over the 30 Composite score mark.  I found ACT Prep Chicago  through an internet search for the best programs in Chicago.  We decided  on one-on-one tutoring with Jordan Williams and I couldn't be more  pleased with the results!  Jordan and my daughter worked very well  together meeting once a week over about a 7 week period of time. Jordan  was warm, welcoming, patient and very knowledgeable about the ACT and  test taking strategies. My daughter's score improved 4 points. Her  Composite Score on her last official ACT Exam was over 30! Thanks for  all of your efforts, Jordan!" 

The Edwards Family

 "Hi Mr Glenn.  We got the score today.  We did it!!!!  Thank you very  much!  FAMU is aware and sending new letter with FULL tuition.  God is  so good!

Ms. McClendon has been invaluable. Marissa's overall  success can in part be contributed to the weekly tutoring that she has  received for the past 6+ years. Ms. McClendon has helped map out work,  project plans, strategies for assignments and then provided guidance  proactively for upcoming courses. She has also motivated Marissa in  times of burn out. She has counseled Marissa when day to day situations  arose that distracted her from her work. Again, her contribution has  been invaluable." 

Sandra Weaver

"While taking this course, I felt I was being taught at my own pace.  I  knew from the first class that the instructors were actually giving me  what I needed to do better on my ACT.  They gave me time saving  strategies and helped me remember information from past classes.  They  also gave me new information that I found very helpful.  The one-on-one  tutoring was extremely helpful.  I got to ask my own questions and go  over material I found challenging.  My one-on-one tutor, Ms Williams,  was very patient.  She not only wanted me to get a problem correct, but  also wanted me to grasp the concepts.  One of my instructors, Mr Glenn,  was calm while teaching and encouraged us to look for different ways to  find an answer.  He didn't believe his way was the only way.  My  experience with ACT Prep Chicago Was excellent.  I recommend ACT Prep  Chicago to anyone who wants to get a higher ACT score." 

Louis Flowers IV

 "I came to ACT prep Chicago a student with average study skills and  average at best test taking skills. ACT prep Chicago is a facilitator of  transformation. It gives every student the tools for success with the  expectation that every student will accomplish his goal. Through the  diligent efforts of Mr. Glenn and all the other dedicated staff, I was  transformed into a better test taker and consequently a better student.   ACT prep Chicago has test preparation to a science. The first step  starts with a student being willing to be challenged. Somewhere in the  middle, there is Mr. Glenn instilling a diligent work ethic in every  student. The constant repetition of the function of each “Fanboy” seemed  painful, but, like everything else, it served a purpose. The final  step, sometimes distant, is reaching the goal or score you want. My  favorite thing about Act Prep Chicago is how limitless the atmosphere  is. After a student achieves the score they want, there is always the  option to continue with test preparation to do even better. Because of  the diligent work ethic instilled early on, I was able to meet and  exceed my goals as a student and as a test taker. ACT test prep has  unlocked doors for me in high school and will continue to open doors for  the rest of my life." 

Kamau Haymon

 "You may not know that I had to drag Jarron (my son) kicking and  screaming to your class. He swore up and down that he didn't need prep  (for the ACT).  You first impressed him by helping program the formulas   into the calculator.  Then, when he started improving under your  instruction, he finally thanked me.  Now he is passing on your training  to his friends who are not happy with the prep offered by the school.   So some parents may contact you before the june test.  He says he feels  ready, and this is the first time he has said that.  I feel this is the  best thing I could have done for him.  He has taken 4 full practice  tests..  The most recent one from school he improved 3 composite points,  with this highest score in English." 

Esther Sorrell

 "Mr. Glenn targets the area(s) that need improvement and focuses on  strategies and content to improve those areas. I learned that in the  English section, I would finish very early and felt that I was in a good  place but Mr. Glenn asked me to go back and review them and once I did I  saw that there were a number of mistakes made. He told me to pace  myself during the test and when I did I made fewer errors and raised my  English score by 7 points." 

Marissa Weaver

 "I started tutoring with Mr. Glenn with 4 weeks before the June ACT  test. I came in at least once a week and really enjoyed my tutoring  sessions. I felt that the only way to increase my score would be through  tutoring. Mr. Glenn was a phenomenal tutor, he pushed me every step of  the way and his positive encouragement and sincerity made it possible to  reach my goal. With about 6 tutoring sessions I was able to improve 5  points. I couldn't have done it without Mr. Glenn. Thank you for everything" 

Tyler Pierce

 "Hi Mr. Glenn. Alex went up 4 points on his 2nd practice ACT test!  He  said the help in sciecne was key. He really respects you as an  instructor.  Even after the first class he felt like he was exactly  where he is supposed to be.  Thank you so much for your contribution!" 

Lisa Snyder-Simmons

 "I entered this course head-on with no recommendations. I was pleasantly  surprised by how young the instructors were. They were able to connect  with me and teach me tricks and strategies I hadn't heard before. Mr.  Glenn is also a "toughy", which I really liked. I also loved that there  was weekly homework that kept me on track. " 

Abisayo Ariwoola

 "I was a little skeptical about the test preparation class initially. My  son's pretest results were marginal. His post test results were  fantastic!  Mr. Glenn is patient and knowledgeable! His math skill and  techniques are dynamic
and cutting edge. He's great with students. He  has a way of tailoring his techniques to reach each child. Way to go,  Mr. Glenn!" 

Tonya Haymon

 "This Act prep course was just what I needed to boost my score to the  next level. Mr. Glenn not only helped me on an academic level but he  also connected with me on a personal level. I have learned from personal  experience that you learn better from instructors who know you well and  know your strengths and weaknesses. I could tell that Mr. Glenn wanted  me to succeed just as much as I wanted myself to succeed and i thank him  for the experience." 

Adjua Goosby

 "We were blessed to have found ACTPrep Chicago online . Their schedule  of Sundays 2-5pm and Wednesday nights was perfect for us. The classrooms  were nice and building secure . Mr Glenn is outstanding with teenagers  as he cares and keeps them accountable, which our son dearly needed. I  only wish we could have used their services earlier. Our son's score  went up and now he has more options for college. Plus The cost is very  reasonable. We will recommend them always. Thanks." 

Jones Family

 "I got a 24 on my ACT my first time taking it. I would've gotten higher  if I had managed to keep myself focused & not looking around on the  reading portion. I received the following scores:
English- 30
Math- 22
Science- 22
Reading- 21

In  this class, you receive personal & group training. You also gain  skills in both test-taking strategies AND knowledge over materials  covered on the test to make your every answer all the more efficient and  to make you more proficient. It is a fun environment and you can not  only talk with the instructor, but brainstorming is ENCOURAGED  throughout the group. Each student receives an ACT prep booklet as long  as they purchase them before they run out. Along with in-session  official ACT practice tests, students do take home assignments in order  to preserve the skills learned in class. You WILL have ample time to do  the homework. You can also have 1-on-1 tutoring with Mr Glenn before and  after sessions. Regardless of what you knew beforehand, you WILL gain  more skills." 

Hamid Harris

"Mr.  Glen is amazing. His level of knowledge about the ACT test is out of  this world. I would not go to anyone other than Mr. Glenn for ACT  preparation."

Kimberly Sambou