Testimonials 2

After taking your class and a few 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, my son felt  more comfortable, and he told me he was able to use some of the  techniques and information given.  Hopefully, he'll do better than  before.  We felt your program was money well spent.......We finally  received his results and I wanted to share the good news.  He improved 3  points and based on this improvement was awarded a Presidential  Scholarship to his college of choice.  We are very happy!........As a  parent, what initially drew me to your program was its affordability.   My son had taken the ACT twice previously and received the same overall  score both times.  With a hand full of class sessions and a hand full of  one on one tutoring sessions, my son's score increased 3 points.  With  his new ACT score, he was offered 2 academic full scholarships.  We owe  that to the ACT Prep Chicago program.  I enthusiastically recommend your  program to any parents looking for a thorough and affordable ACT  preparation option.  Thank you for getting my son over the hump. 

Louis Flowers III

 I want to thank you and your staff for your professionalism, knowledge  and support provided to my child as he participated in the ACT program  this past summer.

My son partook in 12 ACT sessions, where your  staff definitely kept him motivated and attentive. The practice ACT  tests were a great tool for the program as they provided an idea of what  to expect on the actual test.  As a result of the above, my son  increased his overall score by 2 points, which is exactly what Mr. Glenn  predicted.  However, the greatest accomplishment was my son’s  admittance to Northern Illinois University for the 2015-2016 school  year.   I’m most certain we wouldn’t have had much success relying on  self-purchased reference materials or the high school resources.   We  couldn’t have done it without the help of ACT Prep Chicago.
Thanks again!

Antoinette Flemming 

 I like the class very much. It helped me alot in my weak subjects:  reading and english. I felt like it helped me alot in these subjects and  taking the practice test was very helpful. It helped me learn my times  and my weaknesses and strengths. I am happy I did the class. It  probabbly made a big difference on my score. Just taking the test i felt  like i wouldnt have did so well in english or felt as confident as i  did if i didn't do this class. The teachers there are nice and very  helpful.  Thanks to them, hopefully i have a nice score. 


Hey Mr. Glenn.  I forgot to tell you that I did score higher on my ACT  test and I did get accepted to Southern Illinois Edwardsville.  Thank  you.  You were a big help. 

Ahnnyshia Hibler

Thank you for your help.  It helped me tremendously!  Mr Glenn helped me  manage my time, recognize patterns of the test, identify my mistakes,  and improve them. 

Kevin Foster

my son really enjoyed the class. it was never a chore to attend classes. will have my younger son attend next year 

Dr Gina Sims

Hello Mr Glenn! I improved my score (SAT) by 90 points! I originally  wanted a score oof 1100 but ended up scoring an 1150! So far I've been  getting accepted to all of the universities I've applied to with my new  score. I am also considered for more scholarships! I am truly thankful  for you and Mr B for helping me out and breaking down the exam in the  easiest way possible!Type your paragraph here. 

Guadulupe Prado